Our Vision

* To be a world class strategic supplier

* To totally satisfy our customer's needs through a competitive and commited organization.

* To optimize all resources.

* To attain the return on investment establish by our shareholders.

Our Mission

* To be the selected supplier of metal finishing, plating and related processes in the auto, electric, electronic, appliance, computer and commercial markets.

* To exceed our customer's expectations.

* To provide a work environment that enables all personnel to fully develop their abilities and skills.

* To keep a green conscience in all manufacturing operations.

Our Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics is an expression of fundamental values and represents a framework for decision making, daily behavior, integrity, reputation and profitability of Bright Finishing. Ultimately depending upon the individual actions of our employees, representatives, vendors and external advisors

We must each be mindful of avoiding at all times on and off the job, circumstances and action that give even the appearance of improperty or wrongdoing which could descredit our corporation.

This standards of conduct will be enforced equally at all organizational levels.

Our Capabilities

* 3 Shift Working Capacity

* 100,000 ft2, State of the Art Facilities.

* Sand Blast, Stress Relief and De burring processes.

* Corrosion and Solderability Test. ASTM B-177.

* X-Ray Flourescent Instrument for Thickness Certification.

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